Ruminations on saving lizards from cats, and stuff.


The Tilecan is on hiatus, but, look for racks and boards soon. All made by me.

My Collections

All the weird stuff I own.

Wacky Products You Can Buy On Etsy by

Simpsons Fun

Jasper "That's a paddlin'" cutting board


Retro Arcade Shirt

Dig-Dug vs. Batman


Batman Credit Card

Authentic 1966 Batman TV Show promo item!


Carcassonne Shirt

The game, not the city, really.


Your Name in Golf Balls!

White or Pink or Whatever

$5 the ball

Scrabble Racks

Carved Marble Wood


Buhmony Guy

Our Mascot on a nice T-shirt


Easter Bunny T-Shirt

Look How Sweaty!


Ballpoint Pen Art

Usually Anthropomorphic Vegetables, etc.


Tilecan T-Shirt

The Tilecan Mascot


Custom Munny

One of a Kind!


Scrabble Freak!

Full Color Scrabble Freak t-Shirt



Bad maker, artist, housedad, and Scrabble player. Little Debby enthusiast.